Study: Everyday Problems of a Modern Office

and Its Employees That Managers Are Not Aware Of

For Office Managers

of business centres, co-working spaces and business spaces.

For Facility Managers

administrative, supply and maintenance employees.

For HR Managers

personnel and people operations employees.

Do you feel confident that you are aware of all the issues your employees face in the office?

Office workers face small everyday problems at the office and often they don’t talk about them.
Card: employee unhappy with office problems
Not voicing these problems leads to employees irritation, decreased loyalty, and tattered company reputation.
Card: employee irritated with office conditions

We reviewed thousands of service requests across 29 office spaces

Here's what may happen in an office within 1 year.
  • 246

    coffee cups are spilled or broken
  • 928

    light bulbs burn out
  • 1002

    complaints received about air conditioners
  • 53

    printers break down

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